John Anderson


My guiding career began on the Winnipeg River in Minaki north of LOTW in the mid 1970’s where I guided walleye, pike, and some musky. Since that time, I have traveled and fished with many teachers on many waters for a wide variety of fresh and salt water species all over the world.  Only a few years ago I caught fish on four continents!

In recent year I have guided on numerous waters in Eastern Ontario and the Outaouais (Beautiful Western Quebec) for other species including bass, walleye, pike, lake trout, rainbow trout, brown trout, speckled trout, and (former Canadian record holder), and of course muskellunge which has been a life long passion.  See if this is your passion.

The warm part of the year is spent fishing and the cold part of the year is spent writing and talking about fishing.  Add an addiction to travel, a penchant for fine wine and food, and a passion to pursue the finer things in life, I can promise I will do my very best to hunt, teach, entertain, and host you on our adventure.


Peter Levick


Peter has been my friend for going on two decades and is head guide here at the factory.  He is an extremely well rounded, well traveled, and diversely experienced guide and educator.  Read his list of accomplishments and you will understand why spending a day with Peter as you host is truly a remarkable experience.

  • Muskies Canada Hall of Fame member
  • Editor of one of the best musky publications available, the Muskies Canada Release Journal
  • Lead on the 2019 Odyssey, with the goal of turning it into an annual show
  • Member of Muskies Canada BOD and the Science Advisory Committee
  • Recipient of the MCI Conservation Award for 2017
  • Steering Committee member and Keynote speaker at the 2016 International Muskie Symposium
  • Abstract published in the new AFS publication “Muskellunge Management; Fifty Years of Cooperation Among Scientists, and Fisheries Biologists”
  • Organizer of the 2014 International Muskie Symposium at Carleton
  • Canadian Anglers’ Hall of Fame Conservation Project of the Year award (co-recipiient with RVCA & partners) 2015 for Jock River Embayment Project
  • 2016 Project of the Year (co-recipiient with RVCA & partners) for Brewer Park Pond
  • Founder of the Muskies Canada Foundation


Mike Kadoura combines a love of fishing that started as a child fishing the Great Lakes with a passion for teaching.  He smiles and laughs and jokes all day because he is doing what he loves most (OK, second most after his beautiful family).   He fell in love with the Ottawa River in the early 90’s and has been learning ever since..   He has won ‘Biggest fish of the year’ prize from Muskies Canada Ottawa two times with fish of 54 and 55 inches in consecutive years.    So whether it is an afternoon of dunking for walleyes, catfish, carp, or panfish,  throwing the weeds for bass and pike, or hunting giants, Mike’s at home.   No one brings more enthusiasm to the boat launch in the morning.